Airshow!A SketchUp Movie

What Is a SketchUp Movie?

It's a SketchUp model with some Ruby programming that moves, rotates, and/or scales its geometry while the camera moves, pans and/or zooms. It's SketchUp in 4D: 3D plus time.

What Should I Watch?

As Sang climbs the steps, pay attention to the camera's simultaneous motion and pan. At the top, watch the camera move and rotate simlutaneously, while Sang moves into position. When Biplane hits down, watch him squish (animated scale). Watch Biplane's rotations, particularly in the death spiral.

How Do I Watch?

Download the .zip archive file and extract it to any convenient folder. My utility extracts into \your\folder\airshow\. My files are in "\models\airshow". In SketchUp, File/New, then Window/Ruby Console. In the console's input area (white bar on bottom) type load '/models/airshow/airshow.rb'. (Adjust /models/airshow to match your location. Use forward slashes even on a PC.)

Close the title screen when you are ready to watch the movie. Watch. Enjoy. Close the credits screen at the end of the movie. To rerun, be sure to File/New in SketchUp and "No" you don't want to save airshow.skp. Up arrow repeats the last command in the Ruby Console.