Layer/Scene Visibility Map Pro (VisMap Pro) Documentation

© 2009, Martin Rinehart (MartinRinehart at gmail dot com)

VisMap Pro is the $(price not set) version of VisMap (free). This documentation assumes that you are a VisMap user or have read the VisMap docs.

Do I Need VisMap Pro?

Do you have models that are way above average in number of layers or number of scenes? VisMap Pro is for you.

The model used for these docs is VisMap-sized, not VisMap Pro-sized. We didn't want the giant screen shots that a Pro-sized model would require.

How Does VisMap Pro Help?

The short answer: it treats your screen real estate as if it costs more than Tokyo's real estate.

Put the Scene List where you like. The Scene List has been moved into a separate window. You put it where you like. Are your scenes named "Scene 1", "Scene 2", ...? Close it altogether.

Resizable frames let you lose everything but the map. Lots of layers? Resizable frames let you lose the banner and the button frames.

There are two small buttons, labelled "B" and "s", respectively. There are two little buttons below the map and again below the Scene List. What do they do?

Shot showing map reduced to a very small size. This shot shows what happens if you click "s" a few times.

Cost and License

The current beta test version of VisMap Pro is free. That won't last.

VisMap Pro was written by me, Martin Rinehart. I am a human being. Human-written software has bugs. Worse, I cannot guarantee that my site has not been hacked and that the VisMap Pro download has not been replaced by someone's malware. Proceed at your own risk.

VisMap Pro is guaranteed to be worth its price. If you are not a happy VisMap Pro camper your money will be promptly returned. Just ask. You are the sole judge.


Review the Download

Before extracting the files, check that you have: A vismap_p\ subdirectory containing: You can preview the .gif (a big and a little ruby). The rest can be opened with any text editor. I will no doubt change the files more often than the doc. Don't let minor differences worry you. Major differences? I've been hacked; you've got malware. Use the DOS window to delete (it bypasses the Recycle Bin) and please contact me immediately.

To Install, Extract to Your Plugins Directory

On my PC, C:/Program Files/Google/Google SketchUp 7/Plugins.

Then restart SketchUp.

This installs happily beside, not over, VisMap. Run it until you trust it. The VisMap documentation, at the very end, tells you how to uninstall VisMap.

Details and Known Gotchas

For these topics, see the VisMap documentation.

Uninstalling VisMap Pro

In your PlugIns directory delete: If you are detective Monk, in the Registry Editor delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Google/SketchUp7/WebDialog_VisMap_p_vnnn and .../WebDialog_VisMap_p_scenes_vnnn.