Frontend Engineering, Volume II

CSS: Chapter 8 Companion—Border Radii

© 2013, Martin Rinehart

Sample divs with round corners and box shadows.

Video: "The Humble Border Radius"

Lea Verou (then with W3C) video, 46:42:


Rounded corners in "the good old days":

Box shadows without Photoshop:

The W3C working draft, 2002:

The birth of border-radius:

Rounded corners from 2003 (2009-style):

Microsoft's prototype corners, circa 2009:


David Walsh decorates circles:

Circles before standards (c. 2010?):


A simple oval from Coyier:

Other Shapes

Ovals, and 9 other shapes:

Lots of simple shapes:

A huge collection, some very complex:


Beautiful "aqua" buttons without Photoshop:

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