Credits, Selected 17th Century Scientists

© 2011, Martin Rinehart

In its page re citing its articles as sources, Wikipedia warns against papers that rely on tertiary sources, such as encyclopedias (including, of course, Wikipedia). This is completely correct, if the topic is research. We feel it may be quite limiting if the topic is broadened.

In this site, we have attempted a very brief overview of a very large topic. We have relied almost entirely on Wikipedia (which we love!) for its overview of the facts. We have used HTML to, we hope, provide a clear view of the topic. We think that merely organizing the knowledge of others, but presenting it in a fresh form may be an interesting contribution. We hope our timeline gives the viewer a clear understanding of our handful of scientists' relationships in time, and that our map gives the viewer a clear understanding of our scientists' relationships in space.

Thank you, Wikipedia, for your articles on
Portrait of Galileo
Portrait of Kepler
Portrait of Descartes
Portrait of Fermat
Portrait of Newton
all viewed November 17, 2011

And thank you, Google, for helping us wander around the history of mathematics and optics, the scientific revolution, Pascal, Copernicus and many more, in a most unorganized but never uninterested way.

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