Notepad++ Secrets: Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

© 2012, Martin Rinehart

Keyboard shortcuts can be the difference between top productivity and fumbling between keyboard and mouse. And the only keyboard shortcuts worth having are the ones you know and love. So turn programmer's editor Notepad++ into your own editor.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Try Settings/Shortcut Mapper... and use the dialog. You won't need our help. But some observations, first.

Shortcut Mapper... Is a Tabbed Dialog

Don't overlook those tabs.

Tags in the Shortcut Mapper... dialog.

The Main Menu, where you start, isn't the only possibility! We'll mention Macros next. First though, Scintilla: that's the name of the Notepad++ underlying editor component (the one that makes a left arrow actually move the cursor left).


You're not really making Notepad++ your own until you are recording and assigning shortcuts to your own macros, which is probably why you can get to this shortcuts dialog from Settings/Shortcut Mapper.../Macros tab, or from the Macro item on the main menu. If you haven't tried your own macros, well, today would be a good day to start.

Shortcuts Are Not Unique

The Shortcut Mapper does not enforce uniqueness. Have duplicates? The first one encountered will be used. Main Menu comes before Macros, so if you want Ctrl+S to trigger your custom save macro (see Macros, also on the menu above), as ours does, make sure you change or delete the Main Menu's Ctrl+S.

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