Notepad++ Secrets: Settings Menu

© 2012, Martin Rinehart

The Settings Menu in programmer's editor Notepad++ is richer than you might think. These pages refer elsewhere to its main dialogs. Here are some hints.

First, you cannot get to Settings with Alt+S. That gets you to the Search menu. Tap Alt, then mouse or arrow to Settings. (Use it often? Put that Shortcut Mapper... dialog to some good use!)


We talk about one of the Preferences tabs in the "Tabs" page (re the keystroke, not the dialog feature—see "Tabs" in the menu above). Next time you have a moment for a deep breath and a smile, open this dialog and take a look around. You IDE veterans may be surprised by, for example, the autocompletion subdialog.

Style Configurator...

Ah, Global Styles!

The default font doesn't separate the "l"owercase "l"etter "l" from the digit "1" which can be a serious issue when you are programming. Goodbye, Courier! Hello, Bitstream Vera Sans Mono!

It's here in the styles that you'll be able to tailor Notepad++'s syntax highlighting to please your most important customer: you.

Shortcut Mapper...

We talk about the Shortcut Mapper dialog in the "Shortcuts" page (see menu above). 'Nuff said. Record another macro and give it another custom shortcut. Life is good.

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