Notepad++ Secrets: Bookmarks

© 2012, Martin Rinehart

Bookmarks in programmer's editor Notepad++ are not the same as bookmarks in a browser. They are fast, transient markers that let you hop from place to place in a source file while you edit.

Bookmarks are not part of the file you edit. They are, however, saved in Session files (see the menu, top of this page, for our Sessions page).

Placing a Bookmark

Let's use the source for this page to demonstrate. To place a bookmark, point to the blank space just to the right of a line number and click.


Pointing to blank space before clicking to set a bookmark.

And Click

Clicking blank space to set a bookmark.

That blue dot is the bookmark.

Jumping to a Bookmark

Once you have a bookmark (and have, presumably, navigated to another part of the file) how do you return to it? Search/Bookmark/Next Bookmark does the trick. So does F2. Shift+F2 navigates to the previous bookmark. You might want to spend a minute looking at the Search/Bookmark menu.

Deleting a Bookmark

Clearing all the bookmarks is one of the Search/Bookmark options. Clicking on that blue bookmark dot will clear a single bookmark.

Saving Bookmarks

Use Sessions.

Warning: Notepad++ bookmarks are so fast and simple they are addictive.

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