Cross-Browser Coding

©2011 (updated 2012-10-16), Martin Rinehart

General Cross-Browser Debugging

Which browser(s) are friendliest when you debug? Debugging.

Issues Not MSIE-Specific

Bogus Global Variables

Loop Over arguments with for/in?

Find the Size of a Letter

Where Is <center>?

Textareas Can Be Helpful!

List Beside Image (Opera)

MSIE-Specific Issues

MSIE? A Common Frontender Opinion

getElementsByClassName()—not MSIE?

Deleting Object Properties Even in MSIE

Finding the Browser's Window Size in MSIE, Too

Finding a Function's Name in MSIE, Too

Testing Edited Code, Even in MSIE

Setting Opacity in MSIE, Too

Handling Events, Standards and MSIE

Clearing a DOM Sub-Tree, Even in MSIE

MSIE's Semi-Quirks (with Doctype!) Mode

Hover Everywhere, Even in MSIE

Setting Minimum Div Height, Even in MSIE

A Day in the Life

Report from the Trenches

Deeper into the Trenches

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