Report from the Trenches

This is a blog post for those who have the time.
Browser Alert 1 Alert 2 Alert 3 and higher
Opera 2 (length of morphables list) MorphableList{ (2 morphables here) } 4 more alerts as 2 morphables report 2 changes each
Firefox 0 MorphableList{}
MSIE 0 0 MorphableList{}
Chrome (no alerts)
Safari 0 MorphableList{}

Opera's report is the one I want. 1) Why don't I get my two morphables in the others? 2) Why doesn't Chrome say anything? 3) Where in hell does MSIE get the extra alert?

It's daybreak. My favorite time of day. I'm going to grind some beans for a fresh mug of Joe. Then look at these one at a time.

That's hand grinding, please. Great Joe! Now back to work. 1) Suspect that Firefox does NOT process arguments with a for/in loop. 2) Certain that Chrome was looking at the wrong source file. That's fixed. Chrome and Opera agree.

See for ( i in arguemnts ) { ... } cross-browser article. Executive summary: for/in loop works with arguments in Chrome and Opera. Doesn't work with arguments in Firefox, MSIE and Safari.

Zooming right along. All five now correctly report that the MorphableList object has two Morphable objects. Chrome and Opera go on to report on the applications of Change objects to the Morphable objects. The other three don't. MSIE's extra alert has disappeared. (Worth it to try to find out why?)

See also Debugging MSIE above. Aint it grand?

Same problem. Was also using for/in to assemble list of changes. Switched to C-style, do-the-counting-yourself loop and all was good. Now have five browsers able to step through Morphable objects applying Change objects. Onwards and upwards! May have morphing happening today.

Out of the trenches, same day. The rest was OK give or take the odd typo and similar. Now happily morphing things that take a dimesion suffix ('px', 'em', '%', etc.). Remaining: colors, opacity, border radii.

Update, 2/17, AM. Out of the trenches? Reread X's book re JavaScript prototypes and inheritance. X (see his dedication) is a man after my own heart—graying hippie leftover. Can't blame a man who writes near 1k pages for screwing something up. But boy, was that screwed up. Now that's all nicely explained in my revised personal site, which exists here on this computer, only. Must publish ASAP. P. S. Now, 2/20/2011, published as Sneak Preview!

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