HTML Standards-Based Database

© 2012, Martin Rinehart

Raw Data: HTML Tags Versions 1–5

These tables show "tags" H1 ... and HP1 ... in lieu of showing each as six separate tags (e.g. H1, H2, etc.).

The input tag is shown as if it were multiple tags. The tag <input type='button' ...> is shown as the pseudo-tag input-button, for example.

The table labelled "HTML 5" was prepared in 2012, when the W3C and WHATWG standards, edited by Ian Hickson, shared the same set of tags and attributes. The table labelled "HTML March 2015" combines three sets of data referred to as notes "a", "b" and "c", as follows:

  1. HTML 5, unified, in 2012
  2. HTML 5 per the W3C October, 2014 Recommendation
  3. Living HTML, per the WHATWG standard, March 2015

For example, the <details> tag, notes "a c" was part of both standards in 2012 ("a"), is now part of the current WHATWG standard ("c") but is not in the W3C Recommendation.