Artists' Effects—Popups

© 2011, Martin Rinehart

A pop effect is like a hover, but it stays visible after the pointer leaves the trigger element. This means it can have any elements you like: links, buttons, etc.

By default it has an  X  in the right-top corner that closes the popup. You can add your own "close-this-popup" (or other) widgets. These popups are not blocked by normal popup-blocking browser settings.

Hover over Botticelli, "Hovers" page, for a full explanation of John Bull, our choice as the first symbol of American frontend engineering.

On this popup, note that the tribute to Wikipedia is a clickable link. You can do this with a "popup", but not with a "hover" element.

And thanks, Wikipedia, for John Bull.

Thanks Wikipedia for Botticelli, Adoration of the Magi, 1475.

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