Artists' Effects—Hovers

© 2011, Martin Rinehart

A hover effect is a tooltip on steroids. When the mouse (or other pointer) hovers over a trigger element, a separate information element is displayed, commonly, but not necessarily, showing information about the trigger element.

Because a hover is only visible during the hover, you cannot include elements that require a pointer, such as a link or button, in the hover element. For those, use a popup.

Hover over Botticelli, that handsome, irreverent devil (still vain, half a millenium later).

Botticelli's our trigger, but this site's about frontend engineering and we promised to explain our glimmer. It's 'John Bull', a British-built locomotive, first run in 1831 on the Camden and Amboy Railroad (a line connecting the ports of Philadelphia and New York city).

The original 0-4-0 design (four main wheels) worked in England but not on the rougher American rails. The leader (which made John Bull 2-4-0, '2' for the lead wheels) helped it stay on the tracks.

The leader and the large 'cow catcher' were American-engineered additions to the British design. We think this was the birth of U.S. frontend engineering.

And thanks, Wikipedia, for John Bull.

Thanks Wikipedia for Botticelli, detail (himself), Adoration of the Magi, 1475.

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