oil on canvas, "Full Sail" hybrid tea rose.
Explicitly Sexy
A Trilogy by M. L. Rinehart

Writers’ Corner

Welcome, fellow authors, professionals and newbies. Writing Explicitly Sexy I have learned some things, researched some things and written down a little that may be interesting or even helpful to others.

Three Things I’ve Learned

  1. Being an author is 10% writing, 30% editing and 60% marketing. (Not original with me, and apologies to the forgotten genius who first said this.) I would revise the last to "60% publishing," a broader activity that is mostly marketing. (You do want to go from typescript to .pdf, .epub and .mobi, don't you? That's part of publishing.) If I'd known this earlier I might not have begun writing.
  2. Speaking of writing in general and producing .epub and .mobi files in particular, Johnny B. Truant (coauthor, Write. Publish. Repeat.) said, "Two words: Use Scrivener." I wish I'd known Scrivener before I started writing.
    P.S. May, 2017. I've gone back to Libre Office for writing and generating .PDFs. I still use Scrivener for generating .MOBIs and .EPUBs. Reason: In LO I view four pages at once. When I upgrade to a 4K monitor I'll view three rows of eight pages each, all at once. (A page = 6x9 trade paperback page, life size but margins trimmed to 0.1".)
  3. You should begin marketing before you begin writing. I wish I'd known this before I began writing.

Nine Things I’ve Recorded

  1. Press Kit: a Google-curated list of lists of what should be in a writer’s press kit.
  2. Scrivening: notes on some non-obvious parts of Scrivener.
  3. Style Guide: my alternative to Chicago or AP (in one page).
  4. Corrections: embarassingly long lists of corrections and other changes, after I thought Explicitly Sexy was done.
  5. Thumbnails: our beautiful 6x9 cover has nothing to do with well over 90% of our sales. It is the thumbnail displayed on Amazon (and other online retailers) that matters.
  6. Timeline: a picture of my spreadsheet-based plot.
  7. Email Providers: why most choose MailChimp.
  8. Marketing Experts: some people whose lists include me.
  9. Fiction Lengths: How long is a novel, novella, novelette, short story,...?.

The background here is the painting that Maxine gave Louise as a housewarming gift to celebrate the Wilson's new home. Tom gave it a prominent place in Louise's boudoir.